Alaskan Chronicles, The

Alaskan Chronicles, The

The Provider

When a solar storm throws the world into chaos, teenager Jim is forced to step up to survive in the wilds of Alaska.


The year is 2020 and President Trump has just announced that the world is bracing itself for the effects of a huge solar storm.

17 year old Jim Richards is a gawky, unimpressive teenager in Anchorage, Alaska. As chaos descends and society breaks down into anarchy and violence, his family team up with others to leave the city and take their chances in the Alaskan wilderness. They can no longer flick a switch to get what they want, no mobile or internet, in fact no communication at all with the wider world, how will it play out?

Jim must step up, and in doing so, find his true self, his first love, and his destiny. How will the human race survive in this new world?

The Provider is the first of the Alaskan Chronicles.


One of my favourite things to read are stories of survival. That means I have very high expectations when going into my favourite genre. This book, however, did not disappoint. A survival story of the ages, mixing modern and ancient into the life and experiences of one man. A truly inspiring story that had me gripped from start to finish. If you’re looking for a modern, post-apocalyptic survival story, then I would highly recommend this one. I was completely absorbed in this book and cannot wait to see where the story grows from here. ~ Larissa Bullen, Book Bosomed Blonde -

Honestly, this book kind of terrified me. I’m used to dystopic novels being set hundreds of years in the future, a safe arm’s length away. This book is set at just an uncomfortable distance. Pair that with the fact that the Event could possibly happen at any time, and this story gets scarier than any horror story. I really found myself getting into it. Scary realism put aside, it was really interesting following Jim and his family through this huge event, and watching them as they learn to adapt to this new way of life. I had a tense feeling in my chest throughout most of this book, thinking that there was some huge conflict just waiting around every corner. I look forward to the next book. ~ Bailey Randolph, Reading Rabbit Hole

A modern day Swiss Family Robinson. The author imagines a scenario where solar flares wipe out all the electronics in our world. The story progresses through the first seasons spent in the wilderness, the struggles, stumbles, and triumphs. It really takes hold in the final third of the book, when outside influences occur. I don't want to give away too much of the plot. I enjoyed the story very much. The ending! Wow! Just when you thought you could see how it was going to wrap up, the author throws a huge wrench into the mix. I was very surprised! I can't wait for the next instalment! ~ Randal White, Randa's Booklikes

John Hunt has a deft hand at weaving an interesting tale. ~ Anders Mikkelsen, KOEUR'S BOOK REVIEWS

The Alaskan Chronicles is an epic tale on one family’s struggle to survive in an unforgiving and unremitting landscape. This story instantly pulled me in and took me right into the wilderness. It dragged me into confrontations with wild animals and also with the seasons that were breathtaking in their realisation. The true to life writing style brings the story to life in sparkling detail and brings this epic, wild and dangerous landscape into sharp relief. It is in that accurate and beautifully descriptive detail that the strength of the storytelling shows. Vivid descriptions of a world, then a society falling apart, with all the problems that brings. Then swiftly followed by the breakdown of that society and all the flaws in human nature that brings out. When stripped of our constructs of civilisation, we must get back to nature, or die, and on her terms. A wonderful triumph of a story, epic and detailed, harsh and yet human, a tour-de-force of creative writing. I am really looking forward to the next instalment of Jim's adventure. ~ Stephen Oakes, Author

In The Alaskan Chronicles, Book 1, The Provider elderly Jim Richards takes us back to his teen years in Anchorage where sun flares devastate America and beyond. A shy gamer, his tale exposes us to the cruelty and surprises of the elements given modern lethargy, crime, and fundamentalism as he moves through the seasons of life with a makeshift family. Neighbor Bob drives the narrative with grit as the story erupts. He is just off the grid enough to keep the community a few steps ahead. Unlikely talents emerge from the group as needed including a bit of romance. The hunting scenes describing the landscape and wildlife in the countryside are particularly vivid. We can imagine the cabin fever induced during the coldest months of pioneer-like living and gain appreciation for the native people. A quick read, especially from Part 2, young readers will revel in the boyscout hero's encounters in wild Alaska. With an epilogue, the elderly narrator draws us into Book 2 reminding us that things will never be the same. ~ Emmy Slatni, YA Reviewer

John Hunt
John Hunt John Hunt has spent his life in publishing. Semi-retired, he now works as a reader and advisor in his eponymous company, in between writing,...
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