The Other Horizons Trilogy - Book Two

The second instalment in The Other Horizons trilogy asks, is it braver to trust your enemy, or braver to stand alone?


Is it braver to trust your enemy, or to stand alone? She didn't mean to escape from Boundary. Yet, somehow, she did. Now, thrust into an unfamiliar and dangerous world, the young woman written off as a weak link must untangle the mystery of her past and find a way to rescue those still trapped within Boundary, while battling her own doubts and troubled past.

But time is quickly running out and she has two choices: put her trust in an old enemy, or find herself completely alone...both are equally terrifying.

Barrier is the second book in The Other Horizons Trilogy by teenage author Mary Victoria Johnson. The first, Boundary, is also available from Lodestone Books.


Barrier by Mary Victoria Johnson was a great sequel and I couldn't put this one down either. I can't say enough great things about this series and can't wait to read what she has for us next. GREAT BOOK ~ Angela Borgo , Librarian at Whiting Public Library

It wasn’t supposed to be her. Of all six teenagers trapped in the Victorian Gothic world of Boundary, Evelyn had always been the one to take the path of least resistance – not liking to question the strange, sealed world around her or wanting to rock the boat. Yet it was Evelyn who escaped Boundary instead of fierce and rebellious Penny. And it is Evelyn who now finds herself on the other side, laden with guilt and loss, and with no idea how to help the friends she left behind.–%20Book%20Two%20by%20Mary%20Victoria%20Johnson%20(website%2002%2009%2018).pdf Plunged into a very different and terrifying time and place, where no one believes her story and the world is engulfed in World War Two, Evelyn is initially placed in boarding school and then sent to a remote farm to help with the war effort. However, dark supernatural forces begin to close in, and her Boundary past catches up with her in the shape of Madon, the evil and sadistic Master of her childhood. Evelyn soon becomes embroiled in a malevolent battle over Boundary, multiple universes overlapping each other, and dark forces attempting to break through the barriers that lie between. Can she overcome her fears and self-doubt and do what she must rescue her friends? In Boundary, the first book in the series, the narrator and protagonist was the dynamic and engaging Penny. The focus in Barrier now shifts to Evelyn, who in Boundary was the vain, strait-laced and prudish member of the group. At first, Evelyn is perhaps less compelling a heroine to a modern audience than Penny; however, as the plot develops, this works all to the good. Unlike Penny, who is feisty and determined throughout the first novel, in this book Evelyn goes on a journey, as a character who grows and evolves as the story unfolds. Her struggles to adapt to a new world and life are believably rendered; her fears and lack of confidence in herself ring true. Some readers may find her spoiled, weak and/or irritating, while others may sympathise – either way, she is convincing as a naïve and frightened teenager out of her depth in a scary world. As in Boundary, the author’s skill at creating atmosphere is evident: the rural isolation of the farm, the hardship and privation of war, the sinister presence of the supernatural “Others”, a first trip to the ocean, and the gloom of city streets in wartime are all vividly depicted. The plot itself contains several twists and surprises, with interesting revelations about the villains and their motivations. At times the story can be somewhat slow and sags a little in the middle but picks up the pace towards the end with developments both dark and thrilling, cleverly setting up the cliff-hanger for the third book. A sequel recommended for Young Adult readers who have read and enjoyed the first novel in this series. ~ Arwen Evenstar, Breakaway Reviews

. This was a great book in the same tone as the first. I love this series and can't wait until number 3. ~ Felicia Allen , NetGalley

This thrilling instalment is told from the perspective of Evelyn, who found herself outside of Boundary at the end of the first book. The plot of this novel is engaging and the pacing is fantastic. I could not put the book down and finished it in less than a day! There were some nice plot twists that I really enjoyed and I cannot wait for the next book to come out to see what happens next! ~ Kate Z, NetGalley

Johnson weaves a fast-paced tale of a young woman struggling to make sense of her new world while rising above it to rescue her friends. Mystery and intrigue prevail in this exciting sequel to Boundary. ~ Annette Oppenlander, Escape From the Past

If you like mystery, suspense, and the inevitably emotional interplay of young adults, then you will love this book! ~ Ray Simmons, Readers' Favorite

Mary Victoria Johnson
Mary Victoria Johnson Mary Victoria Johnson is the author of the Other Horizons Trilogy, which she began when she was fourteen, and The Ashes and the Sparks. Born...
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