Dawn of the Shadowcasters

Dawn of the Shadowcasters

The Stevie Vegas Chronicles

Only light can drive back the darkness. Only Stevie Vegas can stop the Dawn of the Shadowcasters.


Only light can drive back the darkness. Only Stevie Vegas can stop the Shadowcasters.
It’s been a year since the 13-year-old skateboarder found out he was an Illuminator with special powers – the ability to read minds and make things happen. Then, he was forced to use his new powers to fight the Shadowcasters. Now they’ve turned up in his hometown wanting revenge, and it will take all his skills as an Illuminator and the help of his friends to beat them again.

M.R. Weston
M.R. Weston M.R. Weston has been a professional journalist for over 20 years and is employed as the Public Relations Manager at Vibe Australia, a multi-...
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