Desert Dwellers Born By Fire

Desert Dwellers Born By Fire

The First Book in the Paintbrush Saga

Three siblings with unique powers are chased from a home full of secrets when their parents become sick, and find answers in a rainforest clan who control fire.


Khalid, Lahcen and Qeriya are three siblings living in a secretive desert community who find that each possesses a special power they are forbidden to use. As they find the courage to seek answers to questions about their community and themselves, their parents are suddenly struck unconscious by a serious illness, cured only by a flower found far away from home.
The siblings find themselves fugitives for a reason they don't understand and as they escape and plan a means of finding an antidote, they are forced into a world previously known only through stories. It is here, when they encounter humanlike creatures calling themselves Reaume, that they find unsettling answers to their questions.
Can they summon the wisdom and strength to save their parents while they are being targeted by powerful forces?
Desert Dwellers Born By Fire is the first in a series detailing their journey to find a cure and make sense of both their world and their existence.


I just finished reading Desert Dwellers Born by Fire and can't wait for the next book in the series! It's a great young adult book, but also will be enjoyed by grown-ups. If you gravitate toward books like Hunger Games and Divergent, this is in that genre. Watch as two groups of kids — human and the non-human Reaume — work together to defeat evil forces. I especially enjoyed the attention to detail with regards to native plants, fruits, and flowers, which were obviously well-researched for inclusion in this book. I highly recommend giving this a read. You'll likely be excited for the next two books in the series. ~ SARA PEDERSEN, Amazon Review

I am 13 years old and loved this book. It had action and was exiting all the way through. It was easy to understand, plot-wise, and fun. The ending was a great climax. The book was wonderful and just what I was looking for. I can't wait for the next ones! ~ CK, Amazon Review

I enjoyed reading this book, because I loved the futuristic aspect of the story. There are many characters who help each other - at the start of the story there are children and adults but the children are the ones who repel the enemy force. I can hardly wait for the next book in the saga and I recommend this read to anyone who likes fantasy, adventure and spirituality. ~ Adam, age 10:, Amazon

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Sarah Bergstrom I am a mother of three who is currently a stay at home parent. After graduating from St. Olaf College in Minnesota with a BA in Nursing, I w...
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