Gypsy Trail, The

Gypsy Trail, The

When a mysterious band of Gypsies arrive in the Czech Republic, a captive teenage heiress dives into the deadly secrets of her past in a battle for independence, belonging and love.


A 16th-century chateau hides Claudia Spencer's teenage hell. Living a modern-gothic nightmare as the ward of 'ancient people' and the 'evil Gatekeeper', her imagination bleeds into reality as she suffers loneliness, abuse and confusion.
A caravan of gypsies arrive on the property and secrets of her past unravel with lessons of magic, gypsy lore, spirituality and first love. Shedding her fears, Claudia struggles internally as she discovers the power of her own magic and launches on a quest for freedom, belonging and love.
From the Czech countryside, to the astral plane and the gritty streets of London, escape means daring adventure on a blazing trail of loss, heartache and betrayal.


Nicole Leigh West's story is magical; her writing is so lyrical and engaging that it will take readers to the heart of what hope means. Open the book and dive in. ~ Shelley Kenigsberg, editor.

A wonderful debut novel crafted to capture the reader and drag them headlong throughout. Ms West is a writer to watch if this first attempt is any indication. ~ Paul V. Walters, author.

In The Gypsy Trail, Nicole Leigh West has gifted us with a page-turning story peopled by quirky, engaging characters, all the while gently challenging prejudices and stereotypes. Love it! ~ Desney King, editor.

Nicole Leigh West
Nicole Leigh West Nicole Leigh West is an Australian author who caught the travel bug early on in life, via outback camping trips. A career as a professional ...
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