Last Stop, The

Last Stop, The

An alien race on Jupiter’s moon Europa has traveled the galaxy and achieved immortality by downloading themselves into an inorganic form, but needs the help of a teenage boy on Earth to save both worlds.


The Last Stop asks the question: What happens when Evolution ends? It’s Ender’s Game meets Close Encounter of the Third Kind - a character-driven action packed drama first set in a high school suffused with emerging sexuality and a strict pecking order, followed by wild flying saucer rides to the dark side of the moon, and then to a city under the ice on Europa where seemingly anything is possible.
Mature Sci-Fi devotees will appreciate The Last Stop's hardcore science and philosophy. Young adult readers will enjoy its fast-paced action, stunning visual imagery, three-dimensional characters, teenage protagonists and just the right dash of humor. Who says a feelgood story can’t be classic Sci Fi?


I found this coming of age tale to be enjoyable and full of adventure, all seen through the eyes of youth. The pace was steady, the plot poignant and engaging - though a bit fantastical, and the characters likeable. Through the tale we get to see them grow and mature through their experiences. This was a fun read, and I would definitely recommend. ~ Betsy Tobin, Mags The Bookworm

I really enjoyed this book immensely. It was a fast paced read and very exiting as well. I enjoyed the fact that the four teens in the book reaction to their situation was authentic. I have a teenager myself and she would love this book. I did feel the Close Encounters vibe to the book as stated in it description and didn't waste time diving into the book. I didn't want to put it down. It was a story of an encounter with intelligent life and their journey learning from on another. It has great characters that I'm sure will be relatable to many. The dialogue took the reader on a journey that was both interesting interesting and exciting. I was given a copy of this by the publisher and their partnership with Netgalley in return for my honest review. ~ Tina R, NetGalley

What if you fell into a hole but it was not really there? What if you fell into this hole, found a suit of some type that fit you perfectly and then you had to find a way to get out? What if your best friend ran for help but by the time he arrived with your father and someone else, you were able to jump out of the hole quite a number of feet and land on solid ground? What if you tried to explain what happened but no one believes you? But, one man, an ex-army sergeant Ernie does. Shadowing their movements the next day and following the same path the boys took, he uncovers something that no one would believe. Where did Mickey wind up and what happens when he and David decide to explore the area more? Characters that interface and intertwine in many different ways with a plot line that will get readers of all ages thinking about the messages the author relates within this YA novel that everyone adults and YA’s can learn from. When the two teens remain on Europa how do they live? What obstacles will they face? Will they ever return to Earth and will we ever learn the true meaning of the value of life, living, understanding, family loyalties and love? The saucer moves at a high speed. The landing might give you a jolt. The ending will take you on a journey you will never forget and the lessons learned are many as two teens learn the meaning of understanding and dealing with Aliens of those of another race in an environment that is new, fresh and in a form that enhances them. The source of clean energy. The power to cure all diseases and given a special disc that holds it all. Imagine living in a world like that! But, what about the way the government, DIA and FBI react? Just who owns the technology and who will prevail? If you were Pam, David, Vicky and Mickey what would you do? One passed the test and another did not! Which two are the Chosen? Read this outstanding novel to find out. This is a novel that is thought provoking and I hope that author Michael H. Burnam has a sequel planned. ~ Fran Lewis, Just Reviews/MJ Magazine ~ Deborah Kalb Books (blog), My publicist in US

A Science Fiction with UFOs, super power suits and flying further than Mars in a few hours. This book was fast paced with action, adventure and visits to the moon. This book was one that I will definitely be reading again! My favourite character has to be Pam, who, although can’t walk very well, has spirit, which names her my favourite character. ... I Recommend it to UFO lovers! ~ Beatrice Rivers, NetGalley

This is an amazing scifi young adult read and i loved it being taken on a fantastic journey! ~ Lisa Fletcher, NetGalley

The story was great... it's definitely a page turner! ~ Kiana, NetGalley

The Last Stop launches with a mystery that rides on a youthful sense of wonder and curiosity as did J.J. Abrams’ Super 8. The adventure travels into new territory on the power of daring speculation and scientific accuracy that take voyagers beyond the ambiguity of 2001: A Space Odyssey. NASA’S current inclusion of a Europa mission makes The Last Stop feel prescient and real. ~ Michael C Green, Veteran Television Network Producer and Studio Executive, The Matrix Reloaded, Superman, Clear and Present Danger

“A refreshing change-of-pace novel about a group of teens who accept the challenge of a dying race and save two worlds, theirs and ours, in an ET-type thriller that explores the proper use of power.” ~ John Nelson, author of Matrix of the Gods

The Last Stop by Michael H. Burnam Get ready for a real surprise: an answer to a question sci-fi fans have been asking since sci-fi began. Why? Why would an advanced alien civilization be interested in us? What could we give them; what could we offer them; what could we teach them? Burnam has fashioned a tale in which such an alien race not only combs the universe looking for us—but sees us as its last hope, They're not looking for some life-saving substance, or to suck our brains out through straws. They need us—and not just anybody, but our young people—to... well, why spoil it. See for yourself in this tale of teen life and love in 21st century LA meeting—and saving—alien beings desperate to have what we've got, and take for granted. Thanks to Burnam, I for one will never look at a flying saucer the same way ever again. ~ Harold Rabinowitz, Winner, First Runner-Up Citation, Pulitzer Prize

Teen Line, ~

Michael H. Burnam
Michael H. Burnam Michael Burnam, MD graduated UCLA medical school in 1972 and later served as the Associate Director of the Coronary Care Unit at Cedars-Sina...
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