Losing It

Losing It

The Growing Pains of A Teenage Vampire

"It's a sight seen countless times along the seafront at Whitby, just one more girl kissing one more vampire."


"It's a sight seen countless times along the seafront at Whitby, just one more girl kissing one more vampire"

17 is a difficult age for B.J. Neither his three friends, his secretive family nor Roger, the decor-loving football hooligan, can help him in his search to find himself – and lose his virginity. A darkly comic novel about love, death, sex (and Goths) by the author of The Snake Oil Dickens Man.


This is hilarious! Jaw-dropping and eye-boggling, it’s a desperate account of teenage life and the chaotic ghastly confusions that fill it, chaos fuelled by raging hormonal lust. Ross Gilfillan’s prose is unstoppably funny and his characters are horribly real and familiar to anyone who has ever been an adolescent. I want to read more, but I have to go to bed! ~ Hunt Emerson, international comic book artist

Ross Gilfillan
Ross Gilfillan A magazine editor and journalist, Ross Gilfillan is also a writer who has written across genres. His first novel, The Snake Oil Dickens Man,...
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