Next Step, The

Next Step, The

Book Two of The Last Stop Series

What price would you pay for immortality?


It’s been five years since Mickey passed the Europans’ test, saving the Europans and planet Earth. Pam and David are living on Europa in a wondrous habitat where anything seems possible, and have twins with unusual abilities. Earth is transforming into a Utopian paradise thanks to the Sphere, an alien hard drive filled with advanced technology gifted to Earth by the Europans. But Mickey, who chose to remain on Earth, suspects the Europans of having a secret, more sinister agenda. When he severs his connection to the Sphere and begins to investigate, Mickey is captured by the Sphere Cult and put on trial for his life...

The second book in the thrilling YA sci-fi series from Michael H. Burnam, The Next Step, asks what happens when Evolution progresses to immortality?


Praise for The Last Stop (Book 1): Burnam has fashioned a tale in which an alien race sees us as its last hope. They're not looking for some life-saving substance, or to suck our brains out through straws. They need us - and not just anybody, but our young people to... well, why spoil it? See for yourself in this tale of teen life and love in 21st century LA, meeting and saving alien beings desperate to have what we've got. ~ Harold Rabinowitz, Winner, First Runner-Up Citation, Pulitzer Prize

The Last Stop launches with a mystery that rides on a youthful sense of wonder and curiosity as did J.J. Abrams’ Super 8. The adventure travels into new territory on the power of daring speculation and scientific accuracy that take voyagers beyond the ambiguity of 2001: A Space Odyssey. NASA’S current inclusion of a Europa mission makes The Last Stop feel prescient and real. ~ Michael C Green, Veteran Television Network Producer and Studio Executive, The Matrix Reloaded, Superman, Clear and Present Danger

A refreshing change-of-pace novel about a group of teens who accept the challenge of a dying race and save two worlds, theirs and ours, in an ET-type thriller that explores the proper use of power. ~ John Nelson, author of Matrix of the Gods, and I, Robot

I really enjoyed this book immensely. It was a fast paced read and very exiting as well. I enjoyed the fact that the four teens in the book reaction to their situation was authentic. I have a teenager myself and she would love this book. I did feel the Close Encounters vibe to the book as stated in it description and didn't waste time diving into the book. I didn't want to put it down. It was a story of an encounter with intelligent life and their journey learning from on another. It has great characters that I'm sure will be relatable to many. The dialogue took the reader on a journey that was both interesting interesting and exciting. ~ Tina R, NetGalley

Characters that interface and intertwine in many different ways with a plot line that will get readers of all ages thinking about the messages the author relates within this YA novel that everyone adults and YA’s can learn from. When the two teens remain on Europa how do they live? What obstacles will they face? Will they ever return to Earth and will we ever learn the true meaning of the value of life, living, understanding, family loyalties and love? If you were Pam, David, Vicky and Mickey what would you do? One passed the test and another did not! Which two are the Chosen? Read this outstanding novel to find out. ~ Fran Lewis, Just Reviews/MJ Magazine

The Last Stop by Michael Burnam was a very engaging read from the very beginning. It told a story about four teens and some aliens, which was quite interesting... Together the teens and the aliens go on an adventure that allows them to see the human race through another species eyes. By doing so, the teens learn more about themselves, regular humans, as well as the universe itself. Over all, The Last Stop was a great read that engages readers in many different ways. I can very much see this book as the beginning of a wonderful series... ~ Midwest Book Reviews

Michael H. Burnam
Michael H. Burnam Michael Burnam, MD graduated UCLA medical school in 1972 and later served as the Associate Director of the Coronary Care Unit at Cedars-Sina...