On the Eighth Tin

On the Eighth Tin

A change is coming...


The ability of the human race to withstand the impact of climate change is reaching breaking point and increasingly unpredictable weather systems bring death and destruction on a global scale. As the elements wreak havoc, a young British student, Paul, is fighting his own battle. One day in the depths of December, Paul purchases eight tins of unknown origin that spark a sequence of change.
Powerless to resist and unable to determine his fate, Paul is driven by an ancient force to endure a fantastic metamorphosis that must serve some purpose. But the clock is ticking…
In the shadows, a subtle game is being played out between the United Nations, INTERPOL and a trillion-dollar-funded bioethics industry that’ll stop at nothing to ensure Paul’s incredible transformation. And all the time, the wind, rain and heat just keep coming…


This book is a great read. The plot is ingenious and keeps you guessing all the way through. Paul the central character is someone we can all identify with and his personality runs through the story. Don't be put off by thinking that the subject matter of climate change is dull - this story is anything but...... ~ An Avid Reader, Amazon

It seems appropriate to be reading such a book at a time when our own weather is once again generating headlines such as "coldest month for more than 50 yrs " or "wettest year since records began." This book offers a futuristic (if slightly bizarre) solution to the problems of global warming and severe climatic changes when Paul an unsuspecting student with no family consumes the contents of 8 unidentified tins of soup with dramatic physical consequences. The book is written with an underlying gentle humour throughout as you speedily travel around the globe dropping in on stories of how the climate change is affecting individuals be it through flood, searing temperatures or ice melt. It also visits the private global network of the consortium set up to solve the problems of global warming and those who have invested large sums of money into the project for personal financial gain. Paul the main character is a rather boring, sad individual - a bit of a loser in life who is chosen as the guinea pig for the test. There are many other characters none of whom we get to know particularly well. Maia and Matthew could be the exception here tho it would have been nice to get a more in depth characterisation of some of the key players. As ever its not a fantastic ending (I'm hard to please when it comes to endings) however I was sorry to finish the book as I was enjoying the writing style and the story. ~ Flower Princess, Amazon

Extraordinarily constructed and connected. A well woven SCI-FI detective story that is hard to put down. Difficult to say much more without jeopardizing what is sure to be an excellent read. ~ Seven Wonders , Amazon

Extraordinarily constructed and connected. A well-woven SCI-FI detective story that is hard to put down. Difficult to say much more without jeopardizing what is sure to be an excellent read. ~ Seven Wonders

Adrian A. Cory
Adrian A. Cory Adrian A. Cory is a 47-year-old, British freelance writer living in the Pacific Northwest having recently moved from London with his wife an...
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