Time Sphere

Time Sphere

A timepathway book

When a teenage priestess in Ancient Egypt connects with schoolboy Rhory, both are endangered as they search for Time's Key.


When a teenage priestess, living 5,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt, connects with Rhory, an English schoolboy visiting the British Museum, she puts herself and him in grave danger. The link they forge through the pathways of time is noticed. She must escape the murderous followers of the God Set, and Rhory is hunted by their modern counterparts, the nefarious Society of Secrets.


Time Sphere is, as is name says, about time and how some "time-terrorist" want to control it for their own interests. The premise of this book is that time is not a river that flows in a lineal and uneventful way but another dimension that is something like layers that over-impossed one over the other, so our protagonists from different times and countries could work together to fight against the evil Children of Seth and save the world. This book is a mix of Egyptian myths and folkclore, coming of age and friendship. Is a YA book that could be easily read by youngs of all ages. ~ Bertha Leon, NeTGalley

A new series that links several special children through history, starting with ancient Egypt and ending with modern times. A great read full of intrigue and adventure and there is a bit of history that is fascinating to learn about. This is definitely on my 'to follow up' list. ~ Margaret Pemberton, Librarian, NetGalley

Entertaining and Educational I have a deep interest in mythology and history and I found the characters extremely interesting and the plot equally entertaining and educational. Highly recommended. ~ Amazon customer, Amazon.com

Deep and Humour-filled A very promising first novel, M C Morison makes time travel feasible, as if its already with us. Its a contemporary tale both lighthearted and heavy, very gripping yet with humour. It parallels realities of contemporary Britain with multi-dimensional and time travelling involving ancient Egypt and Greece. Morison employs unexpected twists - very swift changes of scene from chapter to chapter. Its good for adults, (well at least for me!) as well as imaginative children, a good read likely for 10 year olds and upwards, or maybe certain younger. It lays seeds of ideas that lead beyond fiction to contemporary life. It shows that ordinary people, (if there are such people), hold the key to changing the world as well as their world, in ways that those around them are not aware of. ~ Lawrence Ball, Amazon.com

Exciting Read My mum suggested I read this and I have to say I loved it. Really exciting with a cast of extraordinary character. A must read and will recommend it to my friends. ~ Loui Walters, Amazon.co.uk

Totally gripping This is a fantastic read. I bought Time Sphere initially out of curiosity, only to find myself totally gripped and unable to put it down. I won't outline the (complex) story line because other reviewers have already done that. But I will say that this book is crafted with such skill that the reader can never quite guess what will happen on the following page, in the next chapter or how it will all end for its engaging hero, Rhory. It is an intriguing metaphysical adventure that shifts seamlessly through differing layers of ancient mythologies and time frames, that spark and challenge the imagination. The authors beautiful writing, together with his short punchy chapters make Time Sphere a real page turner, a book I would recommend to anyone, young and old. Now can't wait for Murray Morrison's next book to be released. ~ Manumit, Amazon.co.uk

A great read and a great toolbox This book is not only just engrossing, exciting and entertaining, it is also filled with countless keys and clues that I am certain will be an important tool for many others on their own journey of discovering their inner calling. I finished it today, my sister a few days ago because she got so caught up in the story she could not put it down, and she has already told me she needs to re-read it soon. ~ Bente AMundson, Amazon.com

Time Sphere is a fantastic and fun read! The main character, Rhory, is definitely the scrappy hero that we all want to follow and cheer along. Readers have the chance to get to know Rhory and to grow with him. It's not often that you read a story and feel like you're part of the main character's transitions, instead of simply reading about them retrospectively. In this way Time Sphere reminds me of series such as The Golden Compass and The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe. It's active and engaging and touches upon good and evil, power and equality, and brute force versus wit and faith. There is so much going on in the book, but the red threads are clearly articulated and revealed at just the right times to keep the story flowing. This book plays with the boundaries of time and space and encourages readers to think in multi-dimensions. It is a delightful read. I look forward to the sequel! ~ Katie Sullivan, Amazon.com

This is a romping good yarn! Time Sphere brings to life Egyptian mythology and a contemporary adventure story: it skilfully weaves together these elements in an epic conflict of good vs evil. Sold, believable characters, an intriguing story and a suitably thought-provoking amount of scientific ideas to back it all up (the concept of time “loop” was fascinating”) results in a cracking good read to be enjoyed by young adult and adult readers alike. ~ John Mackley, Goodreads.com

Good read. I'm not usually a YA reader but I really enjoyed this. Morison knows his subject and weaves it nicely into the story. It's an adventure story with a fast pace spinning across worlds at breathtaking speeds. I like the notion of time and the hints of physics, and I've always adored the British Museum. It has a good sense of humour too, I have a grin on my face all the time I'm reading about the crazy secret agents and the country house. The timesphere itself keeps reminding me of the Antikythera mechanism ... I've always loved that thing. ~ Elin Sentier, Goodreads.com

One for my daughter As a young teenager I was lucky to have my imagination sparked by a talented teacher’s fascinating introductory lesson on ancient Greek mythology. Over the years, my continuing interest has slow-burned its way through the many tales of heroism, intrigue, passion and love (in all forms from Agape to Eros.) Reading 'Time Sphere' transported me back to that magical moment re-igniting both my love of the legends and my childhood enthusiasm for adventure. Elements of ancient Egyptian mythology and timeless Greek legends are skilfully woven into this modern tale; we are transported through time from the present day in a London museum,by way of the Amenti, a netherworld where ‘time is coiled like a great snake.’ The author’s skillful use of clear dialogue and concise description continues to ease us into concurrent worlds of wonder, peril and rites of passage. A book that encourages people to consider ‘Bylinkin’s notion’ of loops of time sitting atop one another as the reason for history appearing to repeat itself, is guaranteed to stimulate the minds and hearts of the young and older people alike. Would I recommend it to my children to read? I already have. ~ Helen, Amazon.com

BOOK REPORT for Time Sphere by M.C. Morison Cover Story: Walk Like An Egyptian BFF Charm: Yay! Swoonworthy Scale: 3 Talky Talk: Well Behaved British Teen Bonus Factor: Time Traveling to Ancient Civilizations Relationship Status: Second Date Material Cover Story: Walk Like An Egyptian Hats off to another cover I wouldn’t be embarrassed to take out in public. The golden Egyptian figures are classic but attractive. I suspect that in lesser hands (or if this book were written by a woman) it would have a beautiful priestess lying on her back looking moody. Thank goodness this is not that kind of book – or cover. The Deal: Thirteen-year-old Rhory Bruce is a sweet but average kid living in present day England, until an Egyptian priestess appears to him while he’s touring the British Museum. Rhory finds himself suddenly plagued with terrifyingly real dreams, apparitions in his room at night, and a dream journal that channels the words of a girl who has been dead for five thousand years – all because the teenage priestess opened a time portal to the present day. Meanwhile, a secret society with heavy emphasis on the metaphysical has taken note of this connection, and they are determined to control the time pathways themselves. All Rhory has to do is solve the mystery of the time sphere, figure out who is friend or foe...and still pay attention in Maths class. The book is beautifully filled out with Egyptian, Druid, and Greek historical tidbits – according to his biography, author M.C. Morison lives in Crete and studied “how the Hermetic mysteries spread from Egypt through Greece and into Europe, being hidden in plain view up until the present day.” If you love history, science, metaphysics, and philosophy, you will thoroughly enjoy this book. BFF Charm: Yay! I loved Rhory, even though I have never met such a sweet thirteen-year-old boy in my life. I am not entirely sure that such a kid could exist. Rhory is smart (although he feels he’ll never measure up to his big sister), has a strong sense of morality, dry wit, and a dogged determination to see the mystery through to the end. Any time a friend or family member is in danger, he steps up to help them without hesitation or the slightest whiff of martyrdom. Swoonworthy Scale: 3 There isn’t any romance in this book, but I loved it when Rhory would blush and stumble over his words whenever a pretty girl was around. Talky Talk: Well Behaved British Teen Morison’s words are well-chosen and full of dry wit – though Rhory is not the most eloquent of boys, he has an unassuming sense of humor and unusual (to my American ears) expressions that made me laugh out loud several times. (Where were you when I was a teenager, Rhory?) For example, he describes a purse belonging to a young woman on a train as "a space full of mystery and lipsticks." The book is written in a mature yet accessible style that never condescends, which would make me recommend it to adults and teens alike. Bonus Factor: Time Traveling to Ancient Civilizations Rhory gets to visit not only ancient Egypt, but ancient Greece and the Druids. The history nerd in me practically swooned – who wouldn’t want to go see what life was actually like in some of the greatest, most mysterious civilizations on Earth? (Before safely returning home to running water, soft mattresses, and the internet, of course. There should really be time-travel tourism.) Casting Call: Asa Butterfield as Rhory Asa Butterfield has the young, wholesome, slightly gawky look I pictured for Rhory. Younger Carey Mulligan as Natasha Carey Mulligan is a bit too old to play Rhory’s teenage cousin, Natasha, but I pictured a younger version of her whenever she turned up in the book. Mulligan has a face that just screams “heart of gold.” Shay Mitchell as Shoshan I haven’t seen Pretty Little Liars in eons, but anytime the slightly older priestess Shoshan was described, I envisioned the lovely Shay Mitchell. She’s gorgeous enough to make anyone fumble over their words. Relationship Status: Second Date Material I think our first date went pretty well, book. You were interesting, eloquent, and exciting – we could really have a connection, and we’re even living in the same era! I can’t wait to see what happens on our next adventure. FTC Full Disclosure: I received a free review copy from Lodestone Books. I received neither money nor a pet unicorn for writing this review, despite how hard I wished for one. Time Sphere will be available May 30. ~ foreveryoungadult, goodreads.com

Shoshan, a young Egyptian Priestess from 5,000 years ago and a young boy in a modern day London museum connect through time. Each in their own time find themselves in danger as the followers of Set, a sect that brings Chaos to the world and work to break their connection permanently. More than a light airy story for teenagers. Time Sphere is a story for all ages. My only problem with the book is the constant shifting of times. Once it became easier to keep them straight I kept reading to the end without a break. Learn about Egyptian gods and religious practices. So much to imagine. The reader is absorbed by the story and will not want it to end. Enjoy it for yourself. My rating is 4.75 out of 5 stars. ~ DelAnne Frazee, Amazon and Goodreads

Murray Morison writes with confidence and verve: his first adventure into teenage time travel is engaging and informative, moving on at a pace that is gripping and leaves one reluctant to end each chapter. His historical backgrounds are clearly well researched, while the characters are nicely situated and full of life, enhanced with many tiny details that provoke a smile of recognition for the situations and the sometimes grisly habits of the average teenage boy! I am looking forward with enthusiasm to the next installment in this unusual and fascinating adventure. ~ Dr J, Amazon review

A Great Metaphysical Novel Time Sphere is a gripping novel, rich in its description of the characters and places involved. It combines the genres of mystery, science fiction, adventure, and ancient wisdom tale, skillfully combining outer action with inner perspective into the characters' emotions and thoughts. The reader is immediately drawn into the lives of Rhory and the other characters and their connections with each other, both those in the everyday world, and those connections which, through thought and empathy, bridge separation in time, place and culture. One is eager to turn the next page to see how the story unfolds, which is always captivating and never predictable, full of suspense, danger, courage, as well as wonderful humor. Time Sphere is above all a metaphysical adventure story. The reader is treated to glimpses of the Western mystery tradition for, while the story is set primarily in modern England, interwoven into its fabric are ancient Egypt and its gods, the ancient Greek world, and the Druid tradition. Esoteric arts and teachings, including telepathy, aura reading and reincarnation, are also very much a part of Time Sphere. The imagery is vivid and textured, detailed and engaging, reminiscent of Ursula LeGuin's Earthsea Trilogy in the descriptiveness of the worlds it unfolds, both in terms of physical reality and other planes of existence. Those who have enjoyed other works connected with ancient Egypt, such as Joan Grant's Winged Pharaoh and Isha Schwaller de Lubicz' Her Bak novels, and those who love a good adventure story, will find much to engage and delight them in Time Sphere. Highly recommended! ~ Robert K. Clark, Amazon.com

As a lover of history and mythology, I really liked the time travel aspect of the novel. Morrison was able to incorporate educational information in a fun adventure for preteens. I noticed another reviewer mentioned that they had issues with the constant shifting of time however, I did not and I was able to keep up with which time I was in while reading. To say this is his first novel, I am highly impressed by his abilities to juggle time travel and keeping in mind the tone for his readers and intended audience. I cannot wait to see where Rhory's next leap will take him. ~ Bianca Tenney, GoodReads/NetGalley

A terrific read for young people of all ages! This book has it all, from encounters with Egyptian Gods through to thwarting drug gangs in a quiet English school. The gift of the Time Sphere from Rhory's elderly aunt puts him at risk from the scheming Society of Secrets, who are determined to control the course of time itself. Both funny and gripping in equal measure, Time Sphere builds to a great climax involving ancient temples, manic secret service agents and strange goings on in a Wiltshire country house. ~ Graham Hancock, Author of War God

Time Sphere is an exciting YA novel that is sophisticated enough to appeal to adults too. When Rhory visits the British Museum he unwittingly begins an adventure that will keep the reader guessing what will happen next. As his dreams turn into time travel he is connected with a teenage priestess from ancient Egypt and a teenage boy whose sister marries Pythagoras. Much to his surprise, he discovers that he has been chosen to work with them to save Time from the control of nefarious characters from the past and present. This action-packed story is sure to keep you reading and by the conclusion of the story it will have you questioning the relationship between the past, present and future. ~ Jan Krause Green, Author of I Call Myself Earth Girl

A rip-roaring adventure that takes the reader on a dizzying journey from suburban England to ancient Egypt. Wild chases, mortal danger, mystical intrigue, unlikely heroes. This book has it all. A young English schoolboy, naïve and thinking little beyond what is for dinner, is swept up in an adventure that, unbelievably, takes him from his staid suburban home to an ancient Druidic ceremony and finally to Ancient Egypt. Along the way he falls in with a beautiful Egyptian priestess and a student of Pythagoras, and together the three of them battle the mysterious Society of Secrets for control of the ultimate prize, Time itself. This novel, comparable to Time Bandits, will enchant the reader. Warning: make sure you have enough time to read it in one sitting, because you won’t want to put it down once you’ve started. ~ Philip Duke, Author of A Terrible Unrest

This is an exciting book with something important to say. I read it on the train on the way to and from a meeting and was so engrossed I almost missed my stop. Rhory is a lovely character - a perfect mix of a highly intelligent lad with all the normal adolescent angst. We care about him and Natasha and my heart banged in fear in places. M. C. Morison has brought alive four worlds in this unusual time slip story - the Egyptian world, the Greek, the Druids of Albion and the modern world. Rhory's world is our world and what kept me turning the pages was the unravelling of how these worlds are inextricably linked in a way we had not realised. For this book is about how our era is living in darkness - that our time has forgotten or been separated from a knowledge held by those in ancient times. This book is full of all the best ingredients - character, adventure, mystery, history and the ultimate quest for meaning and truth. ~ E. J. Bousfield, Author of The Jewel Keepers: Book One Albion

Time Sphere is a captivating story for young readers. By imaginatively combining ancient (Egyptian) history with present day life, the author cleverly describes the adventures of young Rhory, as he discovers his unusual talent to engage with the past. Each chapter quickly paints a visual scene looking through the eyes of the 12/13 year old boy, as he meets a pretty teenage priestess - called Shosan. The references to many tricks and games, handed down through generations, all add to the realism. With an equal smattering of young male and female characters amongst the adventure, sadness and humorous family life, the story is suitable for both boys and girls. ~ John McGinn, Author of Chilli Birds

A spectacular adventure where ancient and modern combine, where good and evil are challenged and where fantasy fiction reaches a clever, hilarious and wonderfully engaging level – gripping! M.C. Morison takes the reader through time’s doorways and corridors. His story is filled with secrecy, exotic locations, dark characters and wonderful imagination. In Time Sphere we hear an authentic voice which makes the impossible possible when characters from the past and present entwine to counteract evil. ~ Marie Quirk-Smith, Author of A Place in the Choir

This tale of a teenager, mysteriously embroiled with the Egyptian past is a compelling and painstaking encounter with the classic concept of good and evil. Rhory is borne from the predictable present to contend with black arts and the riddle of the Time Sphere which if solved will prevent the Society of Secrets from controlling time for their own dark ends. The plot moves between present and past with atmospheric conviction. The mundane and mysterious are skilfully combined to create a magical dimension of time travel with a wealth of well crafted perils and revelations. ~ Linda Talbot, former arts editor, Hamptead and Highgate Express, London

M.C. Morison
M.C. Morison M. C. Morison lives in Crete, and has studied how the Hermetic mysteries spread from Egypt through Greece and into Europe, being hidden in p...
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