Tramp Life

Tramp Life

Part 1 of the Pearly James Chronicles

When Pearly James flees her miserable everyday life, she discovers that the real world is anything but ordinary.


'There is another world, and it is in this one.'
Pearly James is fed up with being lonely. She's fed up with her pointless, boring school life. And she's deeply fed up with the fake, numbing, conformist world of screen culture that seems to enslave all her schoolmates. She just knows there must be something more.
Change is what she really wants, but who or what will make it happen? Enter Bernard O'Hare, the computer genius with his trademark black overcoat and green, staring eyes...
Both an adventure and a cry against the new global conformity, Tramp Life is the story of how one girl discovers another world hidden behind humdrum existence. A world of danger and delight, music, madness...and maybe friendship, too.


"Tramp Life" was strongly recommended by a friend of mine whose daughter is a teenager probably in Pearly's age. She was enthralled by this book. Thus, I bought it for my son who read it in not time. He said, the suspense became unbearable and he could not wait to know how Pearly would overcome her dangerous adventures - and then hopefully he would be relieved. So as his father, I think "Tramp Life," is a must book that I will read too. ~ Aki Legna, Reader Letter

After Pearly James gets stalked out of her home (by the creepiest creep I've ever read about), she finds herself making her way to the city with her cute little whippet. Along the way she finds people like her, people that understand her. I really liked the story, the main character's perspective... and the world that she finds thanks to this huge decision she made. I think people looking for a different perspective on YA would definitely be interested in this book, and I would recommend it. ~ Michele Quinn, Michelle and the Red Bookshelf

Alone, dejected, living as an outcast and thrown to the wolves you might say teenage Pearly James decides to walk away from her life and find a new world to live in on her own. Disgusted with living with an aunt that is there in body only and rarely notices her and tormented by the students in her school and bullied by another, Pearly realizes that being lonely and having no one to care for her or for her to care about except her precious dog Boo, is not the life she wants. She plans, and creates her own schedule of events until that moment she breaks free... No longer will she focus on the culture of the times or feel enslaved as her classmates do, she feels that there is a whole world out there and she is about to find it on her own... How many would go against the norms and grain and leave the semi-comfort of a home and search for their own identity, their own world and hope to find somewhere they she and others can actually be themselves? This is a story of self discovery, unusual ties, friendships and a young girl named Pearly James who has a super heart, is bold, daring and loyal... This is the first of the Pearly James Chronicles and author Tony Teleford has left this reviewer wanting to know what happens next. Pearly is a character that is well developed, headstrong and loyal to her friends yet knows where she wants to be and will stop at nothing until she finds somewhere where she can be accepted as Pearly and give up her TRAMP LIFE! ~ Fran Lewis, Just Reviews

Tony Telford
Tony Telford For about twenty years Tony worked as an academic and researcher, specialising in English Renaissance drama. In 2008, however, he was forced...
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