Voices of Angels

Voices of Angels

Lizzie is a teenager with a supernatural ability who longs to be ordinary. Then one summer she falls in love….


When Lizzie Fisher sees a black mark above her teachers head, she has no idea how much it will change her life.  Seven days later the teacher is dead and Lizzie must come to terms with a frightening new ability: she sees when people are about to die.  Sent to Andalucia to live with a grandmother she has never met, Lizzie falls in love with gifted musician, Rafa.  All seems well until one day the black mark appears above her grandmother s head. Horrified, Lizzie finds herself in a race against time to find out what the gift really means.  Will Rafa help her? And can she save her grandmother s life before it is too late?


The main character of this novel, Lizzie is an English schoolgirl, misunderstood by her classmates. Having a bit of a schoolgirl crisis she flies out to Spain to spend the summer holidays away from it all. Her stay is with her Expat grandmother who lives in the countryside of Andalusia. As I live in Andalusia I was curious to read this debut novel written by Hannah M Davis. It is quite a while since I was hooked on a book. After the first ten pages I couldn’t put it down. I already wanted to know what was going to happen next. This story has a great balance of romance, mystery and drama. Soon after the opening page of the novel we discover that Lizzie has a unique gift. She can see when people are going to die. We experience the emotions that she goes through as we witness what this psychic power has in store for her. As different plots in the story unfold, the tale becomes quicker moving and intense. The main characters of Lizzie, Rafa and Ariadne are well developed and you feel an involvement as a reader. I was satisfied with the description of Andalusia that the author depicts. The hills around Malaga, the beaches of Cabo de Gata and the characters in Andalusia really are true to life. I could even relate to some of the situations in the story. Even the hot summer sun and dust thrown up along the olive grove dirt tracks can almost be felt as you are turning the pages. If you want a short intriguing novel and love Spain this is for you. ~ Molly Sears, www.Books4Spain.com

An inspiring and an author I will look forward to reading again xx I have just finished Voices of Angels by Hannah .M. Davis which is a young adult book with a slight magical feel to it, not my usual genre choice but I love to have a change every now and again. When Lizzie Fisher sees a black mark above her teachers head, she has no idea how much it will change her life. Seven days later the teacher is dead and Lizzie must come to terms with a frightening new ability: she sees when people are about to die. Sent to Andalucia to live with a grandmother she has never met, Lizzie falls in love with gifted musician, Rafa. All seems well until one day the black mark appears above her grandmother’s head. Horrified, Lizzie finds herself in a race against time to find out what the gift really means. Will Rafa help her? And can she save her grandmother’s life before it’s too late? This was a quick read at only 257 pages which meant that something was happening on every page this made for a gripping read. At times there was a dark feel to the book as would be expected with a storyline surrounding death and mysterious dark marks but we also see a brighter side to the authors writing when she is setting the scene in Spain I felt it brought a lighter tone to the book and the authors descriptive writing shone through at these points. Although the storyline is pure fiction the characters and some of their actions are very realistic. The way the class react to Lizzie’s “gift” is a typical reaction from teenagers when someone is a little different. I felt as though the author was trying to get a message across to the reader to find your true self and love and believe in yourself otherwise you can’t expect others to love and believe in you. I think this is a great message to give to the younger readers. I was expecting this book to be a chilling read but I thought it was a more inspiring read and definitely one I would recommend to the younger generation to pick up. One of my clients brought their daughter along to an appointment the other day she is 14 and I recommended it to her, she downloaded it on her kindle (I read the paperback) she finished it in 2 hours was the text I received from her mum so I think that speaks for itself. ~ Rea - Reabookreview. Top 500 Reviewer - Amazon, Amazon

I bought this book as I came across Hannah on a webinar and was very impressed by her copywriting knowledge. The book, I kept to start until I was on a journey to France and would have quality time to write and I loved it. I wasn't sure what to expect so I entered into it completely open minded and the writing carried me along. I especially loved when the story moved to Spain, perhaps as I love travel, but as I got further and further into it, I just couldn't put it down and was looking for opportunities to read more. There were so many dimensions and relationships and Hannah wove them all together beautifully and brought the real world and the more spiritual world together beautifully. I have recommended this to me daughter and am looking forward to Hannah's next novel. ~ Heather Waring, Amazon

Lizzie is a solitary girl attending school in London. She doesn't remember her father, her mother is cold, busy, and standoffish, and she's bullied. Once upon a time, she did have a friend, Bee. But now they are bitter enemies, as happens quite often in life between childhood friends who grow older and veer off in different directions as they try desperately to find their niche. Lizzie does have one loyal, wonderful friend---her dog, Joopy. The reader grows to love the dog very quickly. She and Joopy spend time in a nearby graveyard, where she shares her anguish with a stone angel. One wonders what her abusive schoolmates would have done with that had they learned of it. Talking to this statue helps her cope. When she sees a mark above a teacher's head, her world is sent into a spin. The teacher dies seven days later, and somehow, Lizzie understands that the mark she saw was a warning signal of the coming death. Unfortunately, she says something about the mark, and the bullying is on, big time. She's persecuted without mercy by Bee and Bee's friends. Soon after this, after yet another death, Lizzie's mother reluctantly agrees to send her child to Spain so she can meet and spend some time with her grandmother. Ariadne is a truly mesmerizing character, and as I got deeper into the book, I grew to appreciate how the author spans the generations in such a respectful, profound way---in a way that should make all YA readers ponder. Ariadne helps Lizzie transform from the hesitant, scared victim she's always been. Lizzie begins to blossom, partly from Ariadne's influence, and partly due to Rafa, the young Spanish boy with the black hair, dark eyes, and a way with a guitar. This is an inspiring, ambitious novel. It deals quite thoroughly and delicately with death, (leaving me in tears twice) and explores the question, "Is there anything after you died? Or nothing." It deals with almost all facets of human relationships, between youth and the aged, between those struggling with their identities, with love, with fear, and with hatred. It's just too bad we can't all spend a summer in exotic Spain with a nurturing adult, and interact with other cultures. Though I am long past my teenage years, I, too, was absorbed by the fundamental, primordial aspects of the book. I found Lizzie deeply sympathetic, although I admit there were times I grew aggravated with the way she allowed Bee to treat her, and said not one word in her own defense. In a way I understood it, but it was still hard to take. As for Ariadne, I would wish a grandmother like her for every living person on earth. And Rafa was delightful. The way Davis deals with the whole question of what comes after death is particularly well done, I thought. It treads delicately and logically, without any of the typical, tiresome dogma. "Voices of Angels" is an entertaining yet profound read---not an easy feat to achieve. I highly recommend this YA book for the girl in your life, or for your own library. ~ Rebecca Lochlan, Amazon

Okay, so the title could use some work (it sounds like a made-for-TV movie). And looking back, I find it strange that the cover art features a female angel when the stone statue starring in this novel is so distinctly male. Nevertheless, Davis's debut YA novel is a raging success. Lizzie Fisher is a bit of an odd duck. As is typical in the genre, she's an outcast tormented by her gorgeous, vapid nemesis Belinda (Bee). But when Lizzie's classmates discover she can predict death (and a few characters meet untimely demises), Lizzie escapes to Spain to live with her estranged and lovingly eccentric grandmother--where she meets Rafa, an enigmatic Spaniard. The obvious caricatures of the London characters are distracting at first, but Davis soon finds her stride and the novel blossoms in the second act. The Spanish countryside, posing like a sexy underwear model in the background, really gives Voices of Angels outstanding color and flavor. Ariadne, Lizzie's grandmother, owns an exotic mountain villa that Davis paints in masterful strokes. Not to mention that Ariadne herself is a fabulous character: she reminds me so much of my own grandmother that it was sometimes hard to read about her. She is genuine and free, a personality that speaks to the troubled and yet passionate Lizzie. The romance almost explodes off the page in Voices of Angels. Rafa, a young flamenco guitarist, is vibrant. (And I don't just mean his sexy Spanish accent.) Let me just say that Davis knows how to write a real, raw kiss. It's been so long since I read one that good, I'd almost forgotten what it was like. (It's awesome, in case you're wondering.) Not to mention that Davis's exploration of death and the vibrance it can bring to life gave me tingles. But, as is so often the case with dramas, the conflict between the protagonists--Lizzie and Ariadne--and the antagonists--Bee and Lizzie's mother--becomes a bit of a trope. Bee is an obvious caricature of "that popular girl," to the point of unbelievable. Lizzie has an equally irritating habit of gloating her victories over the other girl; it seems to me that a teenager like Bee, who parades her body around and survives on attention, is experiencing just as much insecurity and self-doubt as the outcast. Taunting her is like rubbing salt in a wound. My last complaint, which is less about the story woven by Davis and more about the editing job, is in regard to the sheer number of typos and editing errors. I was a bit disappointed in the publisher, O Books, for the volume of obvious mistakes they allowed into this novel. Nevertheless, for an indie book, Davis's "Voices" is--shall I say (in the cliché language of movie reviewers)--"a triumph." Check it out. And it's only $2.99. ~ Kiersi, http://prolificnovelista.com

I simply loved this book. Lizzie must attempt to come to terms with her unwanted gift - she can tell when someone is about to die. I loved the way the supernatural aspects of the story were woven into the narrative without too much drama. Instead, the drama is in the relationships between Lizzie and her grandmother, Ariadne, Lizzie and Rafa, Ariadne and Gabriel and Rafa and Gabriel. Spice is added to the mix when Lizzie's so-called 'friend', the vile Bee Buckingham, arrives from the UK. Lizzie's budding relationship with Rafa is thrown into doubt. Her gift intrudes when she realises her grandmother, whom she has come to love, will die in 7 days and time is running out. Add in the warmth and vibrancy of Andalucia in summer (I know it well) and you have a magical recipe for love, desire, betrayal and reconciliation. ~ Elizabeth Jasper, Amazon

Lizzie is a not-so-typical 15 year old girl living and attending school in the far northern suburbs of London. Like many girls her age, Lizzie has trouble making the transition from primary education to secondary. High school is just not sitting well with Lizzie. Her best friend and next door neighbor, Bee, who has been there for her from kindergarten through year six, has deserted her and gone over to the other side; the side populated with girls who have no trouble with the physical and emotional changes the teenage years bring. To make things even more difficult for Lizzie, she and her mother live alone. Her father left them so long ago that she doesn't even remember him. Her mother is estranged from her own mother so Lizzie has never even met a grandparent, and to top it off she is an only child. She isn't making friends and the only time she is happy is when she is with her dog, Joopy, or when she is talking to the stone angel in a local cemetery. Just when things seem to be at their worst and nothing could make her life any more difficult, Lizzie develops an unwanted paranormal gift. Lizzie knows things. Things she shouldn't know, and finds she is helpless to stop the events from happening. Lizzie's life spirals out of control and she faces the hardest emotional trauma she has known up to this time. In a last desperate attempt to save herself, she convinces her mother to send her to live with the grandmother she has never met. Not sure it is the right thing; she knows she can't go back to her local school where she is now the biggest target for the bullies. She has to find answers for herself and has to find a way to start over. Meeting her grandmother and the local people in the beautiful area of Spain known as Andalucía, Lizzie begins to find the person she is meant to be. She gains in strength and tolerance while accepting her special gift and finding a young man to fill her empty heart. While there are many twists and turns in Lizzie's journey, in the end she finds that true happiness comes from within and that she must live her life for herself not to some arbitrary High School popular standard. Voices of Angels is a coming of age novel in the best sense of the term. Well written and tightly woven, it showcases the trials all young people go through as they learn to accept their differences and individuality. Hannah M. Davis has explored these subjects with sympathy and understanding of the adolescent years. This is an excellent book to gift to any young girl between the ages of 12 and 18. Five Stars to Ms. Davis for a touching and heartwarming story. ~ Karen Bryant Doering, Parents Little Black Book of Books

This debut novel by Hannah M Davis is mesmerising and captivating. Both Lizzie Fisher and the location are hard to leave behind when you finish the book and stay with you long after your close your Kindle. Young or old will enjoy this book. I am a long way down the path of life from being 15 but that didn't matter. The reader invests emotionally in Lizzie's journey and gets taken back to that stage in their lives. Hannah has captured perfectly how it feels to be a gauche awkward teenager and her emotional journey is equally filled with joy and pain. A stunning debut novel. ~ Wendy Cartmell, Amazon

From the moment I sat down to read Voices of Angels I was hooked. Hannah has created a compelling story that follows the journey of 15 year Lizzie as she struggles to accept her unique gift of being able to see when people are about to die. The book is filled with life, death, love, passion, betrayal, regret and much more with the main story set again the sizzling backdrop of Andalucian Spain. You won't be able to put it down! ~ Tabitha Jane, Amazon

If you love your books dark and sexy with a substantial pinch of fantasy, You will LOVE this book. Voices of Angels is a tantalising read. Did I mention I LOVE this book?!   ~ Lisa Clark , author of Think Pink and the Lola Love series

Out of this world. Touching. Magical. Voices of Angels whisks readers into a mystical gift. Unwrap it and watch your universe ignite. ~ Keidi Keating, Author of The Light Featuring Marci Shimoff from The Secret

Take a fascinating journey with Lizzie and her angel...lose yourself in this magical tale as I did myself...I loved it. ~ Jacky Newcomb, Sunday Times Best Selling author of An Angel Saved My Life

Voices of Angels is a real page-turner that effortlessly captures the sensual, transforming secrets of first love.

~ Alison Bond, Author of How To Be Famous, The Truth About Ruby Valentine and A Reluctant Cinderall, all published by Penguin

I've read hundreds of books over the years, so it takes a lot for me to sit up and take notice. But I loved this so much, I stayed up late into the night reading it. The story moved along at a cracking pace and it just got better and better. Not many writers can pull off such a feat, least of all first-time authors. This was impressive. ~ Stephanie Hale, Founder of RichWriterPoorWriter, www.richwriterpoorwriter.com

Voices of Angels takes the spiritual and angelic to the young masses, dolls it up, spins it in the familiar and gives it full on sexy guts. A mesmerizing story that is well written and addictive. A fantastic first novel. ~ Alice Grist, Author and Publisher

When coming of age everything hurts more, means more and promises more. In this immaculately crafted novel, brimming with real wisdom – Hannah’s ability to capture the depth of the passionate highs and lows of the teenage years is beyond good. It’s magical. I had tears streaming down my face by the end. It’s just delicious. As soon as it comes out, I’ll be giving to everyone I know – not just teenagers! ~ Dr Joanna Martin, Founder of Shift Lifestyle, international Speaker and Author of The Lifestyle Shift

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