Next Step, The

Book Two of The Last Stop Series

Michael H. Burnam

Hospital High

based on a true story

Mimi Thebo

Sammy & Me

The Second Book in the Dani Moore Trilogy

Marie Yates

Time Knot

A timepathway book

M.C. Morison

Invisible Hand, The

Shakespeare's Moon, Act I

James Hartley

Tramp Life

Part 1 of the Pearly James Chronicles

Tony Telford

Last Stop, The

Michael H. Burnam

Lieutenant Hotshot

The Story of an Invisible Child

Julia North

National Road Victim Month 2017 & exploring the impact of serious injury on a teenagers life Aug 31 2017

Hospital High written by Mimi Thebo is YA fiction based on a true story from a popular children's author who has been longlisted for the Carnegie Medal 2017. When she was fourteen, the author...

Action, mystery, history and time travel ... Jul 28 2017

In Time Knot, the recently published second book in the thrilling timepathway series by author M.C. Morison, teenager Rhory is thrown into a mission through the ages... can he survive a second battle ...

Introducing James Hartley and his Shakespeare's Moon Series May 6 2017

“What's done cannot be undone.” - William Shakespear, Macbeth Hi, my name´s James and I´m the author of a NA/YA novel called The Invisible Hand published by Lodestone Books .  The book ...

Reggie & Me - A Story of Survival Apr 15 2017

Reggie and Me is the first book in the Dani Moore Trilogy. Dani's story is told through her diary in the wake of her rape and subsequent court case. Having moved with her mum, Dani starts year elev...

New for February 2017: The Invisible Hand Feb 28 2017

Based around Macbeth, The Invisible Hand is first in the Shakespeare´s Moon series, set in a boarding school and focused on different Shakespeare plays. Extract Hello! I´m sending you both the ...

New for January 2017: Tramp Life Jan 26 2017

Tramp Life: Part 1 of the Pearly James Chronicles By Tony Telford When Pearly James flees her miserable everyday life, she discovers that the real world is anything but ordinary. Extract: ...

Seasonal Greetings and Great Adventure Stories! Dec 19 2016

Seasonal greetings. We have some great adventure stories that will make fabulous gifts and book token buys from both Our Street Books and Lodestone Books.  From Our Street Books Emma Oliver and the...