How to Order

Our books are available through bookstores worldwide, in the high street and online, from wholesalers and from the distributors listed below.

Readers can buy through their local bookstore or preferred online bookseller by clicking on one of the buy links on the book page on this website.  Hive and Indiebound support local bookstores. Alternatively you can contact the distributor in your region.

Booksellers can order from their wholesaler or from the distributor.

Barrier by Mary Victoria Johnson


Mary Victoria Johnson

Frankie & Me by Marie Yates

Frankie & Me

Marie Yates

Cold Fire by James Hartley

Cold Fire

James Hartley

Graveyard Visible, A by Steve Conoboy

Graveyard Visible, A

Steve Conoboy

Next Step, The by Michael H. Burnam

Next Step, The

Michael H. Burnam

Hospital High by Mimi Thebo

Hospital High

Mimi Thebo

Sammy & Me by Marie Yates

Sammy & Me

Marie Yates

Time Knot by M.C. Morison

Time Knot

M.C. Morison

Invisible Hand, The by James Hartley

Invisible Hand, The

James Hartley