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Voices of Angels by Hannah M. Davis

Voices of Angels

Hannah M. Davis

Jul 2012

Lizzie is a teenager with a supernatural ability who longs to be ordinary. Then one summer she falls in loveā€¦.

Gypsy Trail, The by Nicole Leigh West

Gypsy Trail, The

Nicole Leigh West

Nov 2014

When a mysterious band of Gypsies arrive in the Czech Republic, a captive teenage heiress dives into the deadly secrets of her past in a battle for independence, belonging and love.

Midnight Meanders by Annika Jensen

Midnight Meanders

Annika Jensen

Apr 2014

As William journeys through his own mind, revelations are made, relationships are broken and restored, and a faith that once seemed extinct is rediscovered and renewed.

Losing It   by Ross Gilfillan

Losing It

Ross Gilfillan

Feb 2014

"It's a sight seen countless times along the seafront at Whitby, just one more girl kissing one more vampire."

Lieutenant Hotshot by Julia North

Lieutenant Hotshot

Julia North

Jan 2016

Nothing is too bad to be forgiven.