• Tramp Life
    Tony Telford
    After Pearly James gets stalked out of her home (by the creepiest creep I've ever read about), she finds herself making her way to the city with her cute little whippet. Along the way she finds people like her, people that understand her.

    I really liked the story, the main character's perspective... and the world that she finds thanks to this huge decision she made.

    I think people looking for a different perspective on YA would definitely be interested in this book, and I would recommend it. ~ Michele Quinn, Michelle and the Red Bookshelf

  • Last Stop, The
    Michael H. Burnam
    The story was great... it's definitely a page turner! ~ Kiana, NetGalley

  • Tramp Life
    Tony Telford
    Alone, dejected, living as an outcast and thrown to the wolves you might say teenage Pearly James decides to walk away from her life and find a new world to live in on her own. Disgusted with living with an aunt that is there in body only and rarely notices her and tormented by the students in her school and bullied by another, Pearly realizes that being lonely and having no one to care for her or for her to care about except her precious dog Boo, is not the life she wants. She plans, and creates her own schedule of events until that moment she breaks free... No longer will she focus on the culture of the times or feel enslaved as her classmates do, she feels that there is a whole world out there and she is about to find it on her own...
    How many would go against the norms and grain and leave the semi-comfort of a home and search for their own identity, their own world and hope to find somewhere they she and others can actually be themselves? This is a story of self discovery, unusual ties, friendships and a young girl named Pearly James who has a super heart, is bold, daring and loyal...
    This is the first of the Pearly James Chronicles and author Tony Teleford has left this reviewer wanting to know what happens next. Pearly is a character that is well developed, headstrong and loyal to her friends yet knows where she wants to be and will stop at nothing until she finds somewhere where she can be accepted as Pearly and give up her TRAMP LIFE! ~ Fran Lewis, Just Reviews

  • Invisible Hand, The
    James Hartley
    This first in the new series Shakespeare’s Moon looks to be a great way to get younger teens enthralled by Shakespeare as they’ve never been before. The fast-paced first installment The Invisible Hand follows a boy called Sam as he finds his rather monotonous life at boarding school suddenly interspersed with vivid dreams set in medieval Scotland, and he can’t stop thinking about these flashes of colour dragging him from his grey life in England. When Sam’s class start studying Macbeth and a new girl arrives at school who he recognises, he realises that there’s more to his dreams than he thought. The parallels between his dream travels to Scotland and Macbeth are too strong to ignore, and he soon becomes entangled in a gripping plot that not only brings Shakespeare’s play to life but also teach him about his family’s past.

    The gloomy feel of medieval Scotland and a dreary English boarding school were perfect for reading during December, when the weather where I live was taking a step toward a true wintery cold snap.

    Seeing Sam go on a personal journey rather than just living out the events of Macbeth really helped to bring this book to life, and I think will certainly engage younger readers.

    An interview with the author that I read recently mentions his love for stories within stories, and I have to say it shows in this book, with the way that events are retold, and all of the characters have a link back to either Macbeth or some other literary origin.

    I’m certainly interested to see what the rest of Shakespeare’s Moon will be like, as each one is apparently set in the same boarding school as Sam’s, but based upon different Shakespeare plays. ~ Lucy Russell , Parasol Pirate

  • Last Stop, The
    Michael H. Burnam
    This is an amazing scifi young adult read and i loved it being taken on a fantastic journey! ~ Lisa Fletcher, NetGalley

  • Invisible Hand, The
    James Hartley
    Time travel, Scotland and Macbeth? Oooh...yes please!!! I love all three to tiny pieces and was totally interested when I started reading this book.

    The story takes place at a boarding school in Britain where the main character, Sam, has basically been dumped as his parents are either too busy working or too ill to look after him. One night, Sam awakes to find himself in another person's body and in the middle of a Scottish battlefield. Is it a dream? Will what happens in the past affect the future?

    I really liked Sam! The poor thing...I just really wanted to give him a million hugs throughout the story, especially as more was revealed about his family. He was shy, adorable and quite brave considering the circumstances that he constantly found himself in. There's a scene where he finally makes a connection between his own time traveling and the events in Macbeth that made me smile. He shouts out about how he was there and everyone thought he was absolutely crazy. And why wouldn't they? But that just endeared him to me even more. Super cute!

    I am interested in seeing how the author will mix in the other plays. I also just realized there's a prequel set at the school during World War II called Heart of Winter. Gothic tale about the macabre? OK! Let's do this... ~ Jacquie Atamanuk, Rattle The Stars

  • Escape from the Past
    Annette Oppenlander
    Finally, a series from a boy's perspective - they're quite rare in young adult novels. I recommend this book to everyone. Annette Oppenlander did a good job combining the historical elements with the young adult genre.

    The novel is set in Germany. It starts with Max living his normal teenage life in present Germany, and he ends up being transported in Medieval Germany, late 1400s, same city. His best friend's dad created a video game that takes the player back in time. The novel follows Max adventure and how he deals with being a XXI century teenager living in Medieval times. The story is told from his perspective alone, in the first person.

    It is a fast-paced and grabbing read. I read it really fast. The novel is full of funny moments, as well as sad ones. There are also some battles and conflicts, which were really well written. The novel offers plenty of historical details about Medieval Germany, as well as descriptions of buildings and surroundings. It was really easy to imagine the setting and the times.

    A really good novel. I liked it a lot. I will continue to read the series. I really want to know what happens to Max and with the video game.

    What I liked:

    ツ Twists and turns. In other words, adventures.
    ツ Nice, entertaining characters.
    ツ A great story.
    ツ Easy to read.
    ツ Historical elements were not slowing down the plot.
    ツ The romance

    ~ Laura N. Enescu , Bibliofagista

  • Escape from the Past: At Witches' End (Book 3)
    Annette Oppenlander
    When Max is approached by Karl in present day 2015 to travel back in time to 1473 in the Middle Ages again by playing a computer game Max is really against playing again until he learns that he owes Karl a favor from the first time he played the game. With Karl’s help and against his better judgement Max decides to travel back in time once more to return the favor he owes Karl. Besides he will get to visit his old friend Bero and his sister Juliana who Max has a crush on.

    But Max runs into a little trouble upon his arrival that may cause him to have to stay in the game for ever or better yet lose his life. Max is always on the run and hiding from someone in the game for one reason or another. He is not sure who exactly he can trust well except for the exception of Bero and Juliana.

    Max has to complete his missions and find somethings that were taken from him before he can return home again that is if he can stay out of trouble and alive along enough.

    Bero and Juliana’s sister is taken by Ott and Max feels as if it is his fault so he has to rescue her before it is too late. Every time he tries to rescue Adela he ends up in trouble or in a dungeon somewhere and needs someone to bail him out.

    Can Max complete his mission; find all of his belongings and save his friends before it is too late? Will Max every see his home again?

    The Escape from the Past novels is like a bottle of wine they just get better with time. I fell in love with Max, Bero, Juliana and all the other characters in the first book Escape from the Past: The Dukes Wrath. Then I enjoyed meeting up with Max on his next journey when he met Billy The Kid in book two of Escape from the Past: The Kid and in the third book Escape from the Past: At Witches’ End we get to go with Max to see Bero and Juliana again. Although I have loved traveling with Max on all of his journeys through the past I think that his last journey in Escape from the Past: At Witches’ End is my favorite.

    Would I recommend Escape from the Past: At Witches’ End? You bet I would to anyone who loves a good book and likes to travel back in time with a great historical fiction novel.
    ~ The Avid Reader, Blog

  • Escape from the Past: At Witches' End (Book 3)
    Annette Oppenlander
    At Witches' End is the third and final book in the Escape From The Past series! When Max learns that Karl, a former gamer had help him escape from the dungeon the first time that Max had played the game, Max feels the need to return the favor to go back and rescue Karl from his fate within the game. With Karl's help, Max returns to the game but having two years pass since the last time he was in the Middle Ages, nothing is what it seems anymore.

    As Max soon discovers that nobody really wants him around but soon discovers an old enemy is still hunting for his capture. With secrets coming out about what had happened in those two years and discovering that a friend isn't what she claims she is, it all leads to an epic showdown between good and evil. As Max gets out of the game for the last time, it's up to everyone that had their life turn upside down to put an end to the game once and for all!

    This book was perfect in the sense that it wrapped up everything that had happened in this series that lead to this book. It was awesome to see what some of the characters have been up to since the first book and to have certain things happen, was perfect for how it needed to end. You don't see many books with a theme like this one very often but if you ever get a chance to read this book or series, you would be glad that you did. Now if we can only get a TV series going for this series, that would be perfect just to see everything happen on the big screen!!

    Thank You to Annette Oppenlander for writing a pretty good finale to a series that I love!! ~ Country Girl Bookaholic, Blog

  • Escape from the Past
    Annette Oppenlander
    Wow, wow, wow. I absolutely loved this book from the first page until the last . I was actually transported back in time and felt as though I was living every moment. If there was anything to criticize and this is really nit picking is that I wish the book had been longer. Congratulations on a fantastic book. ~ Greta Halliday, NetGalley

  • Sammy & Me
    Marie Yates
    Praise for the first title in the Dani Moore Trilogy, Reggie & Me:
    Marie Yates is an author and coach who works with survivors of rape and sexual abuse. She brings a very special expertise in writing Reggie & Me. A thoughtful and thought-provoking work of fiction, Reggie & Me is one of those deftly written novels that lingers in the mind and memory long after it is finished and set back upon the shelf. Very highly recommended for both community and academic library collections. ~ Julie Summers, Midwest Book Review

  • Escape from the Past: At Witches' End (Book 3)
    Annette Oppenlander
    This is the last of the Escape from the Past Novels from Annette Oppenlander and even though it came to a fabulous conclusion, it has still left me wanting more, but that's just me being greedy. This author has such a fantastic way of describing and bringing alive each character through her skillful use of narrative that it has left me feeling as though I have lost a bunch of friends. I know that this story will stay with me for a good while and for me, that's the sign of a great book. ~ Debbie - NetGalley Reviewer, Goodreads

  • Escape from the Past
    Annette Oppenlander
    I loved this book. I connected with the characters straight away and felt that I knew each one of them. I couldn't put it down, and was disappointed when I finished. I shall definitely be reading the next installment. I'm passionate about history and I get so excited when an author introduces me to new historical facts. Annette Oppenlander has done just that. She has taken a wonderful story from history, added her own fictional characters and has written a fantastic novel. ~ Debbie Skerton, NetGalley/Goodreads

  • Spirit Trap, The
    Veryan Williams-Wynn
    Oct 09, 2016
    Sharon rated it
    really liked it

    Shelves: teenage, goodreads-giveaway, adventure, spooky
    Just in time for Halloween! A really good ghost story set in multiple countries and involving some sleuthing, teenaged boy and girl solve the issue. Very well written.

    this was a goodreads giveaway
    ~ Sharon, Goodreads

  • Hospital High
    Mimi Thebo
    Praise for Mimi Thebo's previous novel Dreaming the Bear: Mimi Thebo's Dreaming the Bear has been chosen as a 'Future Classic' in the 2016 book pack and six copies have been supplied to all secondary schools in the UK. ~ Booktrust

  • Escape from the Past
    Annette Oppenlander
    Escape from the Past: The Duke’s Wrath by Annette Oppenlander is a time travel novel for young adults. The device in this one is a video game. The video game transports Max from the present to 1471. He quickly figures out that this is more than a game, it’s real and he has to find a way to survive.

    This is a very fast paced book. The author fitted in a lot of story in but none of it ever seemed rush. The descriptions were great, you can really get a feel for the time period and place Escape From The Past was set in.

    Recommend for teens? Absolutely. ~ Melissa, Jessica and Gracie's Tree

  • Escape from the Past
    Annette Oppenlander
    Escape from the Past literally dragged me head-first into this amazing adventure. Honestly, I usually don't enjoy historically fiction, but this book is rad! I love the main character, Max, his story is really relatable and funny. I mean I totally got his back when he was getting dragged into the video game and his first thought was his mother and her reaction about seeing the video game.

    I loved the whole concept of this book, I've never heard of anything like it. Being sucked into a virtual reality by a video game? AWESOME MUCH? I seriously loved Max's relationships with the other characters and also just his reaction to this insane place. Escape from the Past is written beautifully and I just love the story! Definitely a great YA book! Five stars! ~ The Book Adventures of Emily, Blog

  • Escape from the Past: The Kid (book 2)
    Annette Oppenlander
    Yes finally I got to read The Kid! After reading The Duke’s Wrath I knew I had to read The Kid and boy am I glad I did. Oh Max is back again and is having a day in his life. He is upset with his dad again and all he wants is to get away. It has been almost a year since Max played the game where he traveled back in time to Germany in 1471 and he never thought he would play again. Going back in time the first and not knowing if he was going to ever find his way out of the game and get back home again was pretty scary for him.

    But with everything that is going on his life right now and with all the time that has passed since the last time he played Max has kind of forgotten what it was like to be stuck in the past. Besides all that he misses his old friend Bero and his sister Julianna. Last time Max had a crush on Julianna and she also liked him. Julianna wanted Max to marry her that is what all the young girls did her time. They got married young and had a family. But Max being from a different time wasn’t ready for a family. Oh no he still had his whole life ahead of him for that. First he needed to finish high school and then maybe get a degree first. But he did miss them a lot so he decided that he would take his chance and go visit them again. He thought he had this game all figured out but he sure didn’t have something down pat because he ended up in another time in another country than before.

    This time when he played the game and traveled back in time he went back to 1881 in the Wild West days. He saw a family being attacked by the Indians while traveling. He also met Billy the kid who turned out not to be the bad guy that history claimed him to be. Max actually became pretty good friends with him. But he also met another pretty girl who he came to like and care for a lot too. This girl wanted him to marry her as well but Max wasn’t ready for a family. He cared for this girl a lot and did think about staying in the past with her.

    Max was also left with not knowing what he was supposed to do in the game or what his missions were. He was almost as confused this time around as the first time he played. He thought he had it all figured out but he soon realized he was mistaken. But he didn’t really know what he wanted if he wanted to stay in the past or go back to the future. Will Max figure out what it is he is supposed to do? Will he ever make it out of the game? Does he really want too? What will he do? What will his family do?

    If you like reading historical/time traveling books then you are going to fall in love with the Escape from the Past series. It is and amazing series and I can’t wait to read the next book to see where Max takes us on his next adventure. I can’t wait to see where he goes and who he meets. ~ The Avid Reader, Blog

  • Escape from the Past: The Kid (book 2)
    Annette Oppenlander
    The Kid is the second book in the Escape From The Past series! After Max gets into a fight with his parents, he so desperately wants to go back in time to his friend Bero in Medival Germany but finds himself in 1881 New Mexico instead! With Max struggling with his surroundings, he runs into Billy The Kid, in which he finds him not as bad as the history books painted him to be. When he finally arrives in Fort Sumner, trouble in the form of a gold nugget that was giving to him by a Warm Springs Apache to help his younger sister Ela, escape and help her get back to her people.

    While shopping for supplies for the long trip, it attracts the attention of bandits that take Max and Ela hostage. As they set out on this journey, Max and Ela get a chance to escape but not before Max gets bitten by a rattler. With Ela finding her tribe again and Max getting healed, it leads to Ela wanting to marry Max but Max wants to get back home in present day and sets out once again for Fort Sumner. As Max arrives back in town during which Billy gets killed, it leads to a heart stopping ending that will leave you wondering how it all ends for Max and the game!!

    This book was amazing and even though I would have liked it to have Max spend more time with Billy, it was a pretty good book overall! I have lived in New Mexico for 7 years and the first thing I wanted to go see was where Billy The Kid lived and died!! Reading this book has made me want to go reread everything about Billy again and what life was like back then in New Mexico and not many books will do that for me! I have found this series to be perfect that it gets everyone wanting to learn more about that time period and it's a pretty cool story-line as well!

    Thank You to Annette Oppenlander for making me fall in love all over again with Billy The Kid!! ~ Country Girl Bookaholic, Blog

  • Escape from the Past: The Kid (book 2)
    Annette Oppenlander
    The Kid by Annette Oppenlander kicks off with the main character from book one of the Escape From the Past series, The Duke’s Wrath. It offers the same quick, conversational style and a return: not to the same place, but a return to the same kind of mission.

    Max is in a pickle right in the ordinary realm of contemporary today: and not even a very unusual one. He’s contending with divorced parents and expectations…and remembering (regretfully) his love interest. The difference between here and now and the ‘then’ of the other time is contrasted much more sharply in this book, largely because of the opening.

    The pace remains unchanged and I thought The Kid certainly matched the unpredictable quality offered in book one. This one takes Max to the American west, with cowboys, guns and horseback riding. Dangers abound, although these mostly crop up without adding a lot to the story. At times, getting through the side problems felt like a long haul.

    However, his unpredictable problems have a way of helping Max with his own: and leading to some touching family moments.

    The writing style exhibited and the immediacy of the story really grab the reader. These are exciting to read and one never stops wondering what will happen next. It is well-done and will appeal to fans of time travel and the fantastical in general. Again, there is a fair amount of violent violence and some rather thick-skinned reaction to it, as well as to some types of peoples. Its a very good read, nonetheless. ~ Long and Short Reviews YA, Blog

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