Recently Published Books

Dawn of the Shadowcasters by M.R. Weston

Dawn of the Shadowcasters

M.R. Weston

May 2014

Only light can drive back the darkness. Only Stevie Vegas can stop the Dawn of the Shadowcasters.

AlphaNumeric by Nicolas Forzy


Nicolas Forzy

May 2014

When dyslexic teenager Stu accidentally transports himself into a world populated entirely with living numbers and letters, his arrival triggers a prophecy that pulls the two rival communities into war.

Time Sphere by M.C. Morison

Time Sphere

M.C. Morison

May 2014

When a teenage priestess in Ancient Egypt connects with schoolboy Rhory, both are endangered as they search for Time's Key.

On the Eighth Tin by Adrian A. Cory

On the Eighth Tin

Adrian A. Cory

Apr 2014

A change is coming...

Midnight Meanders by Annika Jensen

Midnight Meanders

Annika Jensen

Apr 2014

As William journeys through his own mind, revelations are made, relationships are broken and restored, and a faith that once seemed extinct is rediscovered and renewed.

Unconditional by Kelly  Palmer


Kelly Palmer

Feb 2014

She's in love with a boy from the wrong side of town...

Losing It   by Ross Gilfillan

Losing It

Ross Gilfillan

Feb 2014

"It's a sight seen countless times along the seafront at Whitby, just one more girl kissing one more vampire."

Bird Without Wings by Cally Pepper

Bird Without Wings

Cally Pepper

Dec 2013

Scarlett's sixteen, she has her fair share of problems, but she's totally freaked out when she discovers she's growing wings.

Voices of Angels by Hannah M. Davis

Voices of Angels

Hannah M. Davis

Jul 2012

Lizzie is a teenager with a supernatural ability who longs to be ordinary. Then one summer she falls in loveā€¦.

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